Governance and Socioeconomic Innovation in European metropolitan regions

Think & Drink-Kolloquium
am Lehrbereich Stadt- und Regionalsoziologie (HU Berlin)

Dr. Marc Pradel Miquel, Universitat de Barcelona

“My research explores the configuration of governance in metropolitan regions, focusing on the role of non-core areas (or peripheries) of these metropolitan regions. These areas have their own historical development paths and economic traditions, and even the metropolitanisation processes underwent during the second half of the twentieth century, these elements are still present and have an influence in decision-making processes at local level. Local social, economic and political actors are influenced by their own local context and history,  and this can be seen in the models of economic development that they propose. In my research I have analysed two industrial areas in the metropolitan regions of Barcelona and Birmingham, focusing on how local actors promote their own models for economic development trying to create a new economic centrality without becoming a ‘periphery’ of the central city. These areas develop new identities and seek for resources at different levels (regional, national or European) to foster their own project and to influence the project of economic development for the whole metropolitan region. Because of the existence of these efforts, forms of ‘efficient’ metropolitan governance are very difficult to reach.”

Montag, 21. Januar: 18h
Raum 002, Universitätsstraße 3b
10117 Berlin

zum gesamten Think&Drink-Programm hier.

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