Class: “The Problem of Berlin” 4th session

Monday, December 3, 20:00 at Archive Books
Dieffenbachstraße 31, 10967

Legend_INURAThe subject of the last class in the cycle will be protest. The main text is “Squatting and Urban Renewal: The Interaction of Squatter Movements and Strategies of Urban Restructuring in Berlin” by Andrej Holm and Armin Kuhn. Find it here.

It’s about the legacy of squatting movements of the 1980s and 90s respectively, especially as regards their consequences for public policy. In addition to this historical dimension, let’s think about public conflicts in cities today: how do they compare and differ, and to what degree do they reflect not just changed circumstances but also a different conception and practice of politics.

Some examples for maps on compareable/related topics:

GentriMap is a project of Andrej holm’s aaround the visualisation of gentrification. Progress seems to have stalled and there is nothing yet to see (!) but you can read what it’s about (in German) here.

INURA (a group of “active urbanists”) produced a map about Berlin a couple of years ago. It’s quite big and takes a while to open.

Bureau des Etudes have been producing conceptual maps charting networks of power and production for many years, have a look at a few!

And a crowd sourced map of recent strikes in China here.

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